Smart Home: The “How To” Guide

What is a Smart Home? A smart home used to mean a house incorporating one or more basic home automation systems, stereotypically controlled by a simple timer. Popular devices included automated outdoor lighting that would turn on at sunset and turn off at sunrise and mechanically programmable sprinkler systems that watered for 15 minutes three … [Read More]

Smart Home Systems

What is a Smart Home System? A Smart Home System ties together the various subsystems controllers, hubs, devices, and sensors in a multifunction home automation system into a unified user interface. Smart home systems typically contain several sub-systems when automating the whole home. An example would be the Apple HomeKit, which can combine several sub-systems … [Read More]

2015 Year Of The Smart Appliance

Smart Appliances: The Flintstones and the Jetsons may be cartoons, but their depiction of everyday life may be more accurate than previously thought. With new technological innovations every year, the world before smart devices seems as archaic as the Flintstones family itself. People from the beginning of the 20th century would not believe the advancements … [Read More]